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ENLIGHTENED EXISTENCE is life...the very life that lives in all things man was told to subdue.  Today, man is a New Testament mystery living in the NOW.  Male and female carry a dual process of existence.  One part is spiritual; the other part is worldly.  In the world, one part of humanity is free from blame, guilt and suspicion to be realistic, because they have been vindicated, called, separated, and chosen.  The fallen man and his god of dead unconscious 'word' have tricked the nations long enough.  It’s time for the vindicated nation to transform our thoughts by using Tree Of Life reality, sacred names, and advance to overstanding and cooperating with the timing of creation.  
​Three of the greatest needs we have are to wake up, grow up, and operate with spiritual timing. “Be ye not conformed to this age, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is right and acceptable, and the perfect will of God.” (Romans 12:2)  
The god and goddesses of this world have changed the real name and timing of existence thousands of years before the Bible came into the picture.  We must overstand the holistic 'word' and appearance of the full reality of creation.  The sacred names create the existence of traveling through vibrations of the mind, soul and body so that we may communicate with Maat energy that exists in the higher worlds of existence and enlightenment. Read
1stCorinthians 15:51-56 and you will overstand that as a vindicated and chosen nation, you are a mystery whose time has come for change.     
​Speaking in the terms of higher consciousness is the releasing of the kingdom of heaven pineal seat of the soul within, known as the Tree Of Life.   It allows a new energy of the real man to be constructed.   The image of God we were created in is the 'word' Kamitic Tree of Life.  Maat created man in His own image, male and female, and empowered them to be fruitful (Gen 1:27-28).

​In our pineal Tree Of Life there are many dimensions.  We must now put in to action the existence of Maat energy which has all power, knows all things and is everywhere at the same time.  In reality, Maat stands for balance, harmony, selflessness, completion, imagination, and knowing of all things. Acknowledging the holistic reality of our spiritual history reveals Maat Ra creativity which has been plagiarized and changed by the theft of left-brained unconscious thinking. Following the teachings of our holistic spiritual Metu Neter will transform us out of the light of external left-brained unconscious dogma.  We must learn how to examine our thoughts through our intuitive pineal soul Tree Of Life kingdom within, which are the enlightened forces that created everything that is.
​We must now learn how to handle our gifts wisely.  All things exist by constant vibration.  Words are a series of vibrations.  All space is vibrating with light and sound.  Religion has the church blind to the vast rates of vibrations flowing through the celestial being in YOU, which is the enlightenment of our thinking.    
​Want to see some things CHANGE?  Remember, you cannot CHANGE what you are not conscious of.  STUDY MELANIN...which is the unknown, concealed reality of spiritual existence known to man.  Stop having a little zeal for God and overstand God's MELANIN IMAGE IN ALL EXISTENCE.   Religion’ is definitely NOT the full reality of our enlightened spiritual existence. 


Dark Matter, The Cosmos ​and
Is a molecule that makes us one and the same...
​Energy and Matter
Protons, Neutrons and Electrons​!