S.T3.O.M.P. Ministries
There is a lot about our spiritual history that we know nothing about.  Now is the time for the freedom of 'will' to come out of ignorance.  We must prepare ourselves with greater intelligent insight with conscious 'word'.  Conscious 'word' is greater than the physical body.  

​Existence of conscious, subconscious and unconscious 'word' is the birth place of the human being.  Maat Ra Tree Of Life knowing is unconditional,
​divine and angelic.  They are the esoteric words of concealed knowing. Sometimes these words are invasive and always call for action.  They are the enlightened intelligent spirits of our god image within.  They have all power, know all things and are everywhere at the same time.

The holistic reality is, the first book of intelligence, wisdom and knowledge was written by an African man.  He carved it on stone.   The left-brained thinker called it hieroglyphics.  During that time we became our own enemies by being disobedient to the call of knowing.   To this day man does not know who he really is.  Even though we claim that the kingdom of heaven is within and we know that we are created in God's image, we refuse to accept that we are 'gods' having a human experience in this physical body.  The world is still confused and deceived to this day because man does not accept that he is a 'god' (Psalms 82:6 & Genesis 1:27).
​​Now, the time has come for the full interpretation of the sacred scriptures and their prophecies.   The real season of divine salvation is now at hand.  The Tree Of Life reality has now come out of hiding.  We are now free to know and overstand what the 'kingdom of heaven' really is.  The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent must take back by force.  That force is the Tree Of Life.  
We have been tricked to keep our minds and eyes blind on this creative life of existence.  The more involved we get in this 'world' the blinder we will be. Time has come to be like Daniel, the son of Judah (Daniel 1:8 & 3:16-18):  
  • ​Daniel made up his mind he would not defile himself 
  • Daniel refused to eat the king's food
  • Daniel refused to take the king's name
  • Daniel refused to worship the king's god 
The 'real church' must 'bust that same move'.  The Tree Of Life kingdom must now, this day, get back in the right place.  We have a pineal soul star gate concealed within our melanin brain imagination. The 'home' and 'freedom' of your soul and body are the Twelve Forces of the Kamitic Tree of Life, which represents our neuro system.   The terrestrial, external, left-brained thinking doctrines of religious dogma have lost their touch.  Kamitic history is divine REALITY and FREEDOM.  
​The world is overflowing with religious 'ho-bos' stealing and killing the 'church' through ignorance.  Ausar Maat Ra Tree Of Life is now saying, "...Wake up out of external partial 'word' ignorance...".  Humanity must wake up and overstand thy god self within!  The creative thought pattern of the Kamitic Tree of Life has never left us.  We left it!  We have no excuses for 'father ignorance' (Matthew 6:1 & 12:11-14).  The season of enslavement and torment of your soul and body must be put to death.   Higher consciousness of self is free for the taking.  Now we must learn HOW to think instead of religion telling us WHAT to think.  Time to grow up and overstand the skills of Ausar Maat Ra Tree Of Life reality.
From the realms of the ancient prophets the name 'lord', 'god', 'Jesus' and 'Christ' are not mentioned.  In your ignorance you are unknowingly using names of deities over the holistic Metu Neter.  

As I say very often, you can not change what you're not conscious of.  If you want to truly be free, study to find yourself approved of your true spiritual history and creative gifts.  

​Because of religious partial word bondage and imprisonment of mind, will and emotions our destiny is controlled by external terrestrial deities of gods and goddesses that keep one mindless of their true nature and being.  If you do not know your spiritual history, you are doomed to repeat the failures of your past.