S.T3.O.M.P. Ministries continues....
(Start Taking Time To Overstand Man's Purpose)

You (BIRTH) control your future  whether you know it or not.  What we think is the devil, satanic, evil, etc., is our intuitive 'god-self' melanin imagination moving us out of our comfort zone; by exercising our brain for greater 'word' intelligence.  This is what is meant as a "blessing in disguise".  The imagination that is valuable to learning, experiences all that is.  Left brain thinking alone is the burden of intuitive sacrifice; experiencing the three dimensions of creation and its manifestation.  This intuit reality is a life force without pride, feelings and egos; which is the will of left brained, partial, external manipulation and tricks of religious politics.  

​​Left brained thinking is the unconscious illusion of good and evil, elementary, basic word BURDENS.  It fears the holistic reality of "as above, so below; as within, so without", etc.  This means the intuitive body of our being is a reflection of the universal cosmos.  Our atomic neuro system is a proton, neutron, electron cellular orbit; a melanin generator operating divine GOD CREATIVITY.  This is a GIGANTIC BURDEN to external world, left brained, religious unconscious thinkers.  The intuitive PINEAL MIND AND SOUL is not limited.  Our electrons, protons and neutrons within our cellular universe is everywhere at the same time, knows all things and has all power.  This dimension of our brain can not be taught.  It is the 'teacher' of its own chemistry and formula, better known as, "...the kingdom of heaven within, the mustard seed of faith, stronger is He that is in me than he that is in the world, the image of God within...", and so on.  These intuit spirit-men of glory are the concealed mysteries of the Basic Instructions Before Living Earth...BIBLE.  It speaks of these things but it will not teach us how to use them in full.  

​​Religion is an EXTERNAL BURDEN of partial understanding and worldly fear tactics.  It teaches us to use names and language that destroy our genetic DNA imagination of divine order.  This might shock you and take you outside of the circumference of what you already know or think, but we have become addicted to partial twisted, animated feelings of pride, fear, resentment and selfishness.  This is humanity's ultimate, GIGANTIC BURDEN.  We must NOW learn how to take authority of our godly image within and break every chain of fear, ignorance, pride, resentment, doubt and pain.  

Time to discover and hold on to the bitter reality of spiritual growth more than sweet lies of partial, external, left brained, RELIGIOUS BURDEN.  Where are you when it comes to knowing your image of 'GOD' within?  Are you accepting your image as a 'god' having a 'human' experience?  ​​​​Time to grow up out of the GIGANTIC BURDEN of basic religious gospel (good news), spending your life and money trying to 'get', when you should be 'receiving' the fullness of your 'god kingdom within'.  Grow out of the burden of unconscious understanding and awaken to the TREE OF LIFE WITHIN YOUR PINEAL SOUL STAR GATE.  It is for discipline, that we have endured GIGANTIC BURDENS of good and evil religious fear.  It proves that you are not an illegitimate son or daughter of divine order.  We must now read, study and meditate on higher words of intelligent, Tree Of Life Divine Order (pineal soul) and remove the GREAT BURDEN of worldly religious fear tactics and its politics.  

​​KNOW and OVER-stand that the sting of religion is man's law of manipulation, segregation, deception and fear. External left brained religion can only 'twist' the word and use it to fit its own GIGANTIC BURDEN of unconscious word.