S.T3.O.M.P. Ministries continues....
(Start Taking Time To Overstand Man's Purpose)

​Is emanation, vibration, creation and manifestation. The awakening function of the TREE OF LIFE is our divine order, neuro-melanin, biological system undergoing physical reality.  It represents the eleven emanations that are the willed imagination of all internal and external events and structure.  

​​The TREE OF LIFE is sub-electronic forces of atomic proton, neutron and electron cellular molecules known as melanin.  Neuro-melanin organ systems make up our spiritual bodies.  It is the way of ALL LIFE.  Know that the PINEAL GLAND, which is our kingdom of heaven within, CREATES MELANIN in us all.  External thinking teaches that melanin does not matter, which in essence means YOU do not matter.  I ask you this question:  DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE?  

​​Our neuro system is metaphysical; an INTUIT CREATION administrating functional mind, spirit, soul and body LIFE FORCES.  The human being is the manifestation of the TREE OF LIFE chemistry and formula.  The TREE OF LIFE is our perfection and authority to overstand the whole universal system.  

​​Religion separated and created many illusions of partial thought to guide humanity to the desert place of ignorance of self.  The intellect of our universal neuro PINEAL TREE OF LIFE is a highly developed, intelligent, intangible / tangible life.  It is the communication of MAAT (creation);  as above, so below...the first becomes the last, the last becomes the within, so without...everywhere at the same time...alpha and omega...and has all power.  It is the mind / imagination of the unknown to be experienced through our known neuro-melanin system within the physical body.  

The physical body is a vehicle imagination of God; intuitively​​; experiencing universal cosmic reality. The TREE OF LIFE calls for the study of our intuit esoteric eleven forces of melanin electronic pineal perception.  The PINEAL SOUL involves seeking, knowing, memorization and programming.

​​Regardless of popular religious opinion, the very first differentiation of energy and matter took place within the subjective realms; better known as MELANIN VIBRATION.  This vibration emanated from melanin which involves the existence; one without a second.  The PYRAMID is the first objectification of the subjective being and is the awareness of its true nature, which is energy and matter.  

​ENERGY AND MATTER is the sum total of ALL LIFE.  The subjective intuitiveness of the TREE OF LIFE is the first three spheres (1,  2,  & 3).  The subjective being "one" acts through the second and third manifestations called the PYRAMID which is the infinite will and the ultimate creative power to give to LIFE and BIRTH the HOLISTIC SPIRITUAL REALITY of the human being.

As we all know, the manifestation of all life is decension and ascension,​​ that represent the nine emanations of the Tree Of Life that shape the physical structure and events of all life.  

​​Time is now revealing its inhabitants of intelligent functioning.  One thing that we have to realize about the human being is feelings and emotions.  These are the assassins of left brain thinking.  It's an animal, animated, terrestrial, partial word war!  The PINEAL TREE OF LIFE is the birthplace of our GOD FACULTIES AND BEHAVIOR.  

​​The SPHINX shows a physical animal body with a human head which denotes the feelings and emotions of left brain unconscious thinking.  

​​The 'animal' portion of the SPHINX is the left brain, animation of our behavior that has us acting like 'animals'.  The Bible tells us stories about animal sacrifices which are telling us TODAY that we need to sacrifice our animal way of thinking and living, which are feelings and emotions.  ​​The head is the 'crown' which represents the three dimensional universal brain, comprised of the terrestrial, celestial and 
pineal soul.  Imagination gives birth from the 'unknown' to the 'known'.  This BIRTH is the word put in a physical vehicle of  "EARTH" called man and woman.  We carry the BIRTH of conscious, subconscious and unconscious word which is the Tree Of Life...1,2,3...4,5,6...7,8,9... SPHERES OF LIFE FORCE.  

The TREE OF LIFE, pineal physical body, is a fluid molecule, constantly rebuilding itself by replenishing cellular intuit energy, and healing the way we think.  

The SPHINX represents the "WILL" called "HERU" which is the holistic intelligence of experiencing the fulfilled freedom of conscious memories.  In essence, it is the representation of conscious, subconscious and unconscious human existence.  
The nose of the SPHINX, which was destroyed by unconscious, left-brained religious thinkers, represented the LIFE FORCE of energy and matter, breathing through our nostrils.  Remember, God blew into us the breath of life and we became living beings.  It is of utmost importance that we study our spiritual, holistic history and mystery of chemistry word and mathematical imagination.