We need to establish a better relationship with our intuitive self. This process is called “awakening”. Awakening is the foundation of neuro-melanin pineal soul reality. This divine order is our god-self kingdom within, and is the image and likeness of our Generator Operator Divine....God. This is God's creation within us and the human being must reestablish his or her memory back to it.

True love is a willful awareness of knowing all you can know about the consequences of your Tree Of Life. Reestablishing the urge to know your Tree Of Life and love yourself is based on spiritual initiation. The physical body is an electromagnetic chemistry and formula and a word birth imagination of neuro-melanin senses. We must reestablish our means of spiritual intuit communication by embracing reality's enlightenment of our Tree Of Life within.

To know how the Tree Of Life works one must 'still' all thought...literally shut thoughts down. In order to receive holistic instructions from God we must put external word partial knowledge, its processes and senses to 'sleep'; just like the overload of partial external knowledge has put our intuitive pineal soul star gate kingdom to sleep.

Regardless of popular demand, melanin people have only been free to read for 150 years. What does that tell you? It lets us know that we must reestablish our intuitive God image and likeness, concealed in our neuro-melanin Tree Of Life cosmic reality. It's time to learn how to see what kind of being is living inside of our kingdom, that is the likeness and image of God. It is obvious that God's image and likeness is capable of seeing external senses and intuitive qualities of imagination and illusion. We are acquainted with left brain, partial prejudices of separation. The left brained acquaintance is incapable of knowing the internal attributes of holistic word unity (Maat). Our left brained religion teaches us to hear illusions and grasp hold to worldly words without overstanding the reality of melanin universal imagination. Learning words without the knowing their holistic purpose in imagination activates electromagnetic animated feelings of emotion that bring animal instincts instead of Godly qualities.

Animated feelings are illusions of unconscious partial word dogma. They can trick you into a 'truth word' of the knowledge of good and evil that creates partial understanding of the whole self, and who we are. There's a great confusion of words regarding the will and truth. That is why all human beings must reestablish universal awareness of our neuro-melanin Tree Of Life cosmic reality. This is the most important will of today, within our living. Life is calling for a reestablishment of our willed mystery, as well as, our spiritual history. External thought has falsified our history. That reality alone confirms that we all must grow up and not be afraid of our spiritual mystery. The mystery aspect is our electromagnetic protons, neutrons and electrons. They are known as 'persons': one who speaks, one who is spoken to and one who speaks of. It's time to establish our holistic universal reality of the one we speak of.
​This kingdom is a word of balance, harmony, authority and power that leads to a manifestation of our ancestral pineal soul, Tree Of Life star gate...known as our
​neuro-melanin, bio-electronic, enlightened imagination of all that is...INFINITY!