S.T3.O.M.P. Ministries
These are a few things I think, feel and know about my life in this 'earth' suit, through my ups and downs.  I've learned the meaning of seed, time and harvest. When I was a seed (an infant) I always had a hard time with rules and instructions. My feelings were all about me and what I thought was right. As I travelled on my 'infancy road' of life, soul and body my very first valley was FEAR. It was a terrible power that paralyzed my life. I learned how to master it by going through it. Fear must be superceded by 'over-standing' freedom, peace, harmony and love...for yourself first. Fear plays a part in every level of life. I tried to beat fear with money, drugs, sex, etc.; only to end up in the face of PRIDE. Pride caused me to live life going 'whole hog with half the information', talking loud and saying nothing. I ended up in the shadow of DOUBT, RESENTMENT and IGNORANCE, which led me to prison and my world came falling down! All of this took place in my infancy and 'seed time' of my life. It was a very, very, very hard time for me. Drugs, sex, money and worldly thinking almost took my life. I did not know what to do or where to go, so I turned my life to the truth about me, which led me to 'intimacy' (in-to-ME-see).
 I began to examine my way of thinking. I looked at myself in the mirror and I asked a question. That question was, "Who does your Creator say you are?" I always knew that there is a power and a light in everyone. I just had to work on finding out how that light shined and moved through me. I gave up everything that I knew was holding me back. I began with three tools: A BOOK, PEN AND PAPER!

​I knew that it was time for a change. So I started reading. Not just one book, but many books! I came up believing in the Bible and I read it all the time, but it just was not enough to bring me out and keep me free. The more I studied it, the harder things got. In Matthew 10:36 it says that, "...A man's enemy will be in his own household." From that verse I began to take my mind and thoughts to a higher conciousness, growing out of western religion. I found the fullness of the truth about life and humanity by studying all of the histories of my spiritual native story.
​I learned how not to confuse the original 'writers' of the scriptures with the European and English writings of the Bible. I found that the Bible we know only tells you part of the truth. PLEASE DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND ME. You need to read the Bible in order to learn all about the international religious plots that came about as a result of disobedience to The Kamitic Tree Of Life. I found the whole reality, and nothing but the 'word'​, by going back in history. Now humanity must do what it says in Hebrew 5:11-14. Read it. Hebrew 6:1 says to, "...leave the elementary teachings and go on to maturity." And that's just what I did. I learned about the timing of the spirit along with my divine purpose for living.
​We are now at the time of harvest. Time for you to know the fullness of reality. Reality is fed up with man lying on the holistic 'word'. We must put the enemy - "in a ME" - on public street. Surgery hurts and the 'word' must be set free. Harvest all reality and burn all the lies. Grow to 'over-stand' seed, time and harvest. This is a growing process...and a hell of a test. It's not for you to fight the battle. It's for you to claim the victory. I claim the victory and study to find myself approved for this test. Do not let ignorance of your native spiritual story keep you in bondage.  You must build up your will and learn more about you and who you are in the image of your Creator, as well as you know religion...which is the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil".   If we do not know our history, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.
​Take control of your thinking and give your mouth to reality and the Sacred Spirit will teach you how to live in victory.  That's how I continue to grow up in this time of harvest.  This is my testimony to YOU.  Ase.