S.T3.O.M.P. Ministries

The Self Existent One Who Wills All Things Into Being...ATUM RA; is moving through the spirit of The Tree Of Life, sending 'Chosen Ones' to prepare people for a great breakthrough.  MAAT wants them to let the world know how important it is to overstand the times.  As a Chosen People, we must have a positive revelation of divine creative thinking at all times.  The mind of Maat must be revealed to the human race.  NOW is the time for full overstanding.  
The Tree Of Life created man in its own image.  We are the revelation in an 'earth-suit'.  Now The Tree Of Life is starting to reveal secrets to us that have been hidden since the beginning of time.  Our purpose now is to get in the right place and right standing with pineal soul revelation and let the mysteries flow in and throughout of us.  Atum Ra is always NOW, presently raising up a new nation.  It's time to arise and cast out all evil knowledge that has so greatly and deceitfully cursed the nation.  
​Religious people are a nation of people who should be walking in the holistic reality of 'word' and not in ignorance of self.  We must come out of the foolishness.  We are a called out, chosen generation and it's time to truly act like it.  It's all about covenant.  Knowledge of good and evil has puffed the church up.  Now we need Maat to edify us to a higher level of consciousness.  We can not be silent.  We are in a spiritual warfare. 
Evil knowledge is murdering the church through religion.  

​The first religious murder happened, as we know it, when Cain killed Abel over an offering.  Innocent blood is still crying out from the ground to this very day.  Religion is a human affair that left-brained thinking watches and strengthens to keep the church weak; because consciousness will call you out of ignorance and set your African mind free.  
​No one can make wise decisions with poor and embryonic information. We must now protect our minds and our 'borders' (I.E....imagination, Maat creativity, melanin completion, the physical body, etc.) with the will of Atum Ra and the spirit of the Tree Of Life pineal soul.  Our supreme destiny is the conscious of total rest, harmony, balance and selflessness.