S.T3.O.M.P. Ministries
To resurrect is not of the dead, but of the living.   
​Existence, will and energy has life outside of the body.   It is at peace with 'self'. There's a history and mystery that we do not know about, that is in us.  Now that the season is here, it wants to reveal itself to us.   We have been unbalanced and weak long enough to overstand that change is inevitable.  We have the word from our ancestral genetic reality that now is the season for holistic spiritual melanin imagination to show up and show out.   Now we can overstand the magnitude of humanity's suffering by facing the full reality of The Tree Of Life, face-to-face.  The ancient spirits have a divine ingredient for suffering.  It will take your knowledge to a higher word level of conscious, birth, Maat knowing.    
The first thing we must over-stand are the eleven forces of the Kamitic Tree Of Life.  WORD and MATHMATICS have power beyond your level of understanding.  That's why nations have been deceived and wiped out, because of the wrong communication of math, words and time.  WORDS cause you to see images.  

​I ask you a question:  What kind of images have you been seeing lately?  Words and visions work simultaneously with each other.  That's why the left-brain partial 'word' must be resurrected from external partial knowledge, so that we can ask, seek and know the intelligence of self intuit pineal soul Tree Of Life evolution.    
A spiritual examination of our mind, soul and body is an individual must!  It's time to overstand that you can be in four (4) places at the same time in one body.  This is what religion calls 'solid food' (Hebrews 5:14).   What I am telling you is not for 'babes', but for the 'mature' church.

​All power is in you, NOW.  The kingdom of heaven is in you, NOW.  Stronger is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.   Religion is in the world, but He that is in you exists in four (4) different worlds that work through constant transformation at all times. EMANATION, VIBRATION, CREATION, and TRANSFORMATION These are the unseen powers that created the universe, and they live in you everyday.  Even before you were birthed into an 'earth-suit'.  
There's a lot we must overstand about the knowledge of good and evil.  It creates ignorance of the FULL IMAGINATION OF SELF, TIME AND EXISTENCE OF THE TREE OF LIFE.   We must resurrect our conscious back to the consciousness that created the universe.  This place is at total rest and harmony with its own existence, consciousness and nature.  This place is humanity's first concealed holistic reality of spiritual existence...better known as MELANIN.  Ase.