S.T3.O.M.P. Ministries
Spiritual Timing Is the "Central Point" of the Church:

The Tree Of Life has a central point from which every area of our life operates.  The church is not in the full timing of the Tree Of Life.  We are stuck in left-brained external partial 'word' bondage.  Partial 'word' information shows us the basic history, geology and the prophesies of man.  90% of the church is IGNORANT to the spiritual timing of the pineal soul Tree Of LIfe.  We must overstand that ignorance means you do not know.   The timing for the Tree Of Life hid within the soul of the human body has come to a place of higher enlightenment 'will' of word.  You are not what you see in the mirror.  Your 'who' and  your 'do' are not the same in the spirit.  One part of man is external left-brained which means 'twisted' and the other part is pineal seat of the soul divine.  The church today must come out of external left-brained partial thinking.  There is a process we must go through.  Ausar Maat Ra Tree Of Life has a purpose (imagination) in us on this earth. 

​When you study the Bible,which is your partial basic 'word' religion, stories about different times and places are revealed in part...for we know in part and we prophesy in part. But now that the fullness of time has come, we can see God face-to-face, which is the god within us...generator operator divine pineal soul third eye.  We are in a place and time today that only Ausar Maat Ra can show you the way through.   We've been walking in external left-brained information for so long that we can not hear our pineal seat of the soul Tree of Life 'word'.  NOW is the time for real 'overstanding' of self, existence, enlightenment and will.  The church is living in the past. We are NOW living in the full imagination of Ausar Maat Ra Tree Of Life reality.  This reality will not be subject to external partial basic information.  It's time to speak with authority because the manifestation of the Tree Of Life is revealing the unknown image of god in you.  

Do not rely on external, left-brained 'word', stuck in the knowledge of good and evil.  Some people will never 'overstand' their future unless their present is messed up.  Timing means everything at this point.  We are now living in a time of 'word' warfare at its greatest.   Use your mistakes as stepping stones, not stumbling blocks and know you are the miracle and the mystery of an unknown victory.  That victory being our melanin pineal soul Tree Of Life conscious. 

​The main reason we knowingly would  walk out of the 'correct timing' is to have our own way.  This is better known as the spirit of SELFISHNESS which is controlled by PRIDE.  Pride goes before a fool like a hearty spirit before a fall.  This evil spirit is the main reason why there are so many wars today.  Walking out of the timing of the Tree Of Life is deadlier than IGNORANCE.  Your haughty and prideful attitude will speak immorality and lead to uncontrollable desires.  Extreme behavior patterns surface because the desire has become so great that the senses of right and wrong have been numbed.  It is time to get rid of pride.  Let the Tree Of Life melanin pineal soul reveal to you your god self within this space of SPIRITUAL TIMING.