S.T3.O.M.P. Ministries
The Tree Of Life In The Midst Of The Storm:
Life's real existence and will in this earth suit brings better life through the storm.  Man's endeavor to persevere gives him power in the middle of his personal storms in life.  The storms inside give us a chance to show the glory, honor, peace, harmony, and love of our Creator.  Storms cause people to extricate his or her divine gifts.  Storms let you know how much life is worth living.  They let you know not to live by your circumstances, but live by your vision. 
​Predestination is sure because life lives to produce more life.  Eternity should be the vision of our imagination.  Maat Tree Of Life is the answer to the storm.  Real Maat love is not weak.  It's balanced with the nature and consciousness of creation.  THAT'S WHY IT'S UNCONDITIONAL.  It is the force of the Tree of Life that takes back all your stuff from the enemy.  The mystery of the storm is that it fights against itself.  It will not have any energy unless you give energy to it. 
​Church...we must inherit the consciousness of the Tree Of Life pineal soul within.  We have been called to live free to choose life or death.  When you choose to be the best you can be in the storm, it has no choice but to blow through you, not stay and build a home.  Time keeps coming.  It was created to be your friend.  Learn how to put the storms of ignorance, fear, doubt, pride and resentment behind you and endure to the end.  For He that put a perfect seed in you, will love you until the end. 
​A storm is just a trial and a test.  The battle is already won.  Trust is one of the first casualties in your storm.  I ask this question:  Do you trust more in what you 'believe' than in what you 'know'?  The only way you can keep your foot on the storm is to know your full gifts of authority and power.  'Belief' has doubt in it.  Today, in order to get the full power of your being you must 'KNOW'.  You need to know the storm better than the storm knows you.  That means we all must wake up and BUST A MOVE.  We've got some studying, meditating, praising and thanksgiving to do.   Reading takes you to 20%...Studying takes you to 40%...and meditation takes you to 80%... while 100% is 'Beyond the Veil'...which means you are balanced with the Kamitic Tree of Life.    
​Church, we must learn how to live for LIFE.  Not live for all kinds of gods and goddesses of money and things.  Growth requires a mind that pierces through the knowledge of good and evil into the NOW New Testament Church of the Kamitic Tree of Life.   The church has been sidetracked by two things:  ignorance and egos.  Over emotional excitement is to the mind what sexual over indulgence is to the body.   The name of Ausar Maat Ra has come out of hiding.  Those who wake up and advance their thinking to a higher place of consciousness and learn more about divine life and perfect will, shall redeem themselves and gain freedom through the storm of religion.  The divine higher nature of life is calling for higher consciousness of our pineal soul Tree Of Life.   The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  Ausar Maat Ra Tree Of Life is now revealing our melanin imagination of all that is.  Keep in mind that external partial knowledge of good and evil is unconscious to this holistic spiritual reality.