S.T3.O.M.P. Ministries...
You must let HOLISTIC SPIRITUAL REALITY reveal PERFECTION.  These words of covenant are the most powerful mysteries of human existence.  Wars and rumors of war have been and still are going on today; because of ignorance, fear, pride, resentment and selfishness.   WHY HOLISTIC SPIRITUAL REALITY?  These words bless, break, give and take.  They are the holy mandate of all humanity.  The fallen man's way of thinking deadens the sensation of HOLISTIC SPIRITUAL REALITY, and numbs divine intellect. 
​New divine revelations for real life and change is calling.  We must now read, study, write and meditate for HOLISTIC SPIRITUAL REALITY more than ever.  Ignorance, laziness, fear, doubt, and procrastination are the silent assassins of humanity.  These unconscious spirits are the strongholds of life.  Stop living with these assassins. They have humanity stuck in a "religious comfort zone".  You will never know HOLISTIC SPIRITUAL REALITY until you take action in YOU first, to change and let SPIRITUAL REALITY have its perfect work.  SPIRITUAL REALITY is something you already know but 'truth' makes it hard to face.  LIFE gives it to you for you to live by, since you have a hard time facing spiritual reality.  It has positioned itself to always get to you.  
​Reality and freedom gives your inner conciousness protection 'in' problems as well as 'from' a problem.  A man's wealth is measured by his demand for reality of knowing self.  We have freedom to choose the lie or reality; life or death; love or hate.  Either way, you will suffer the process of growing or dying.  So why not suffer and die for the HOLISTIC REALITY?  We are the image of the God's Creation.  It will never leave you or forsake you.  He is the reason why freedom follows you everywhere you go.  The Creator of Life has a plan for you; but you've got to be still and listen.  We must humble ourselves and 
A.S.K...(Ask, Seek and Knock).
​The wars in suffering within humanity go through the adversities that create a better person in you.  We all need the fullness of spiritual reality to show up and show out in our lives today.  Take up your authority and bankrupt fear, ignorance, pride, doubt and selfishness.  Take back what unconscious left brain words have stolen.  Keep in mind that you are the glory of life and not a crisis.  It takes action and intelligence of your spirituality.
​Freedom and the fullness of HOLISTIC SPIRITUAL REALITY gives one confidence to move in victory...not live as a victim.  We must be disciplined thinkers;  by learning how to talk to THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN WITHIN and mediate on what to do with the gifts given to you.  The Tree Of Life truly wants us to give our thinking to a higher conscious word in life.  The reality is YOU are the image of GOD.  He spoke you out of His mind saying, "I've given you the fullnes of life and nothing but LIFE!"  We turn our backs on life when we do not know who we truly are; and the divine authority we have inside.  
​By standing on freedom and HOLISTIC SPIRITUAL REALITY we have the authority to get things done in trouble, more so than out of trouble.  The flesh always looks for the nearest exit when it comes to growing, working, and changing in the middle of the storm.  The lies that keep you in your comfort zone know what HOLISTIC SPIRITUAL REALITY can do for you.  That's why the lies attack you before you learn "full reality".  If you are ignorant to this principle, you are void of any divine manifestation and stuck in the knowledge left brained external thinking.