S.T3.O.M.P. Ministries
​What we are now experiencing is partial, terrestrial, external, word prejudice communication.  The knowledge of good and evil animated dogma.  This knowledge is the birthplace and foundation of enlightenment to know thyself.  It is the footprint of the Tree Of Life, known as Geb, Sahu, Malkuth, Set and the 'philosopher's stone' of logical manipulative 'word'.  This dimension is the 'potter's wheel', the 'threshing floor', 'the valley of the shadow of death', etc. 

He that has ears, let him hear and overstand what the ancestors are saying to the church.  As we well know, the Bible is basic, partial word and parables which have revealed to us the holistic reality of growing up to the Tree Of Life within.  It's time to be alert and think all things over with the fullness of your melanin pineal seat of the soul star gate.  We can no longer afford to stay in bondage to partial, external left-brained knowledge of good and evil dogma.
​Know that the Tree Of Life is our melanin neuro biological system.  The pineal is the seat of soul star gate cosmic reality.  Our neuro system is an ancient process flowing through our external body.  Man and woman are more than human.  They are not 'sinful' by nature.  Our nature is a universal cosmic reality.  The physical body is the only manifestation that shows the enlightened God birth, Tree Of Life, breathing 'word'.  
We must grow up and out of the parables of unconscious religion and overstand the 'will' and the 'spirit' of the Tree Of Life pineal soul within.  The 'mustard seed' IS the pineal.  This energy of existence is our DIVINE CHANGE; a melanin reaction with imagination having its perfect work in us. 
Study the Kamitic Tree Of Life and study the pineal soul to find yourself approved of your kingdom of heaven within.   All power is within.  Stronger is He that is in you than he that is in the world.   Don't take my word for it. Study for yourself.  OVERSTAND THE MYSTERIES OF YOUR BLIND HISTORY and God's creation in YOU.  



Once upon a time we ruled this planet.
Now the 'first' has become the last...
...and the 'last' has become the FIRST!