SPIRITUAL GROWTH - is a growing will for higher intelligence of 'SELF'.  We must over-stand that all religions have a 'truth' hidden in them that HOLISTIC REALITY REVEALS to its highest intuitive TREE OF LIFE PINEAL SOUL REVELATION.  We also must over-stand that the mind goes beyond egos and tissues.  It's time to pierce the external word and things by resurrecting indwelling intelligence of our UNIVERSAL TREE OF LIFE WITHIN!
​​Everything must change.  Nothing stays the same.  We all grow, one way or another.  In my space and time between what's been written and what I'm writing now, I've learned that there is a part of us...a part of me, that we call the kingdom of heaven within, that knows all things, has all power, and is everywhere at the same time.  I am sharing with you GROWTH.  That moment in time where we will begin to make a difference forever.  Shalom, Arthur Morris, YOUR GUIDED SERVANT
​​We believe and declare faith because we can not prove what we know.  "Conscious" depends on pineal wave activity.  When one grows up to higher awareness, the pineal releases a chemical that deactivates external systems of ignorance and pain.  In our normal way of conscious thinking, things remain undisturbed by concealed melanin cellular chemistry...better known as the CELESTIAL HEMISPHERE.
Ausarians have the will that must rule during the 'growth' waking state. Ausar is the 'word' of the subconscious realm; always willing to reveal the eleven laws of the Tree of Life.  
​​Auset's work is to resurrect Ausar by automatic reflexes of divine intelligence.  
​​Emotion is energy.  Life can not be expressed without it.  It is the major part of the problems in life.  Feelings are blind and animated 'animal' forces; spiritually uncultivated likes and dislikes; pleasure and displeasure; more negative than positive.  
​​Man and woman's evolutionary goal is to become a 'god' on earth and, as a result, a liberated being.  We must break free from emotional compulsions.  Our devotion is to RESURRECT THE TREE OF LIFE WITHIN, which has been put to 'sleep' by external left brain selfishness, genocide, pride, resentment and ignorance.  ​​The free will of the human battle is against feelings and emotions of external religious beliefs.  
​​It is NOW time to transcend the left brained, unconscious human nature of words...the stories about human sacrifices in the Bible.  We will and must NOW embrace the holistic will and word of God.  Heru is the will of man to birth a higher imagination.  The immaculate conception is to be free of all compulsions of left brain emotions.  THIS IS THE PROGRAMMING STATE OF FREEDOM.  
​The human body is composed of electro magnetic forces...better known as cellular protons, neutrons, and electrons...I.E. atoms.   In reality, called MELANIN.  The physical vehicle of God will FREE MAAT HARMONY in the physical realm.  
​Very few
OVER-stand this!
We must now OVER-stand the holistic process of imagination and nature.  To know this reality, you must live it.  
​​Man and woman are not destined to live as just earthly beings, but as a TREE OF LIFE CONSCIOUS UNIVERSE, teaching imagination; ONE BEING appearing as MANY BEINGS through different attributes of intuitive will.  That 'WILL' being is our CELLULAR STRUCTURE OF PROTONS, NEUTRONS AND ELECTRONS.
​The fundamental cause of man's problems in life are external, terrestrial, left brained feelings and emotions.  In religion, this is called the "Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil".​​
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MAAT INTELLIGENCE:  Selflessness, Harmony & Balance
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